E-Invoicing: 4 Key Benefits U.S. Companies Are Missing Out On

Discover all the benefits to modernizing your outdated invoicing procedures.

Although the United States is one of the most competitive markets in the world, U.S. companies are trailing behind other countries in the implementation of a software that streamlines the AP/AR process and makes exchanging invoices more efficient and cost effective. In a time when it is important to reduce unnecessary expenditures and become a leaner, more efficient organization, automating the invoicing process is a simple way to decrease costs. In this white paper, we analyze the benefits associated with the implementation of electronic invoicing. We also examine the progress the United States is making in the standardization of e-Invoicing compared to the rest of the world and how this affects companies that want to implement e-Invoicing infrastructure.

Get answers to your e-Invoicing questions:

• What is the difference between e-Invoicing and traditional invoicing?

• What are the benefits of automating your invoicing procedures?

• What is e-Invoice standardization?

• What is the state of e-Invoicing implementation around the world?

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