Comarch On-demand Webinar – EDI in the Sky: The Future of Document Exchange is in the Cloud


Title: EDI in the Sky: The Future of Document Exchange is in the Cloud

Duration: 1 hour

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For the foreseeable future, businesses and other organizations are going to have to tighten their belts and weather the coronavirus and its subsequent economic downturn.

One simple way to reduce operational costs and increase efficiencies is to implement cloud-based EDI.

Join EDI expert, Tomasz Spluszka as he shares a real-world case study about how Bic harmonized the many different EDI systems they were using across 16 different countries. You will also gain insight into the benefits of transforming your organization’s document exchange processes to a cloud-based solution.

You will learn: 

  1. Which type of EDI is best for your organization. On-Premise Solutions or Cloud EDI?

Many companies are still using on-premise EDI solutions that were deployed many years ago and are based on outdated technology. Find out which type of EDI is best for your organization by weighing the advantages and disadvantages of each.

  1. How to keep your EDI system up to date with ease.      

EDI systems are constantly evolving; it is not as simple as set and forget. Partners may leave your network, new partners may be added, and EDI flows may change. Learn how to keep your EDI current.

  1. How you can harmonize your EDI system while also simplifying it and reducing costs

One of the biggest challenges faced by a multinational company’s EDI system is a fragmented environment. Having different EDI solutions in place can make it difficult to exchange data seamlessly.